Dr. Kats in his little world

Dr. Kats has a little world in his head, and there live many ideas and thoughts all unrelated to one another on the surface but, if you dig deep down, are connected through certain logic to the centre.

Trained in philosophy and sociology, Dr. Kats likes stories of people and their lives. He doesn’t diagnose or treat illnesses, but prescribe with more riddles and perspectives potent only within his little world.

Living in a cozy house near the riv. Sakawa in Odawara city, he engages in replacing words and ideas from one language to another, and that’s the main line of his work at the moment.

He is a bit of an explorer. He travels out sometimes to get inspired, trashed, or prophaned, so that the new experience will enrich his little world.

Dr. Kats is a little man. He wishes to be someone who appears larger than his own size.

But he has got some very good friends, too, and he cherishes his friendship with them. Hurrah!

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