Job search

I don’t know what I was doing during January, which seems to have disappeared in a flash. Before getting on to the main topic, I just want to state that I received sad news of my friend’s sudden demise, and I would like to offer my heartfelt prayer for his peaceful resting. My dear Filipp, your father was a fine man.

I officially set up my own business last month, and now I am looking for jobs… Everything is new to me and there are lots to learn about how to run a business in the translation industry. Exciting and scary.

There’s been a slight change of plan, however, and I decided to go for temporary jobs, mainly to keep the funding flow going. A bit Topsy Turvy, but the decision led me to registering with a dispatch firm. Today, I had a preliminary interview. Funny I don’t seem to remember being in this sort of situation before (how did I manage that?), sitting in a strange office, talking to (or being talked to, more like) a person whose task I imagine is to evaluate my person.

It must sound naive of me to say this, but I never thought how hard it was physically and emotionally to try to find a job. I enjoyed interviewing people in the fieldwork of my study, but job interviews are a completely different matter. I’m not very good at advertising my skills and abilities (and virtues!). Then again, as much as I have good faith in myself, thus much people need to be assured of it before deciding to give me a job…

Being in the job-less situation, my consciousness is inevitably drawn to countless people’s lives in terms of their work and accomplishments, glorious moments and times of hardship. The big question of what I wish to accomplish in my life hangs heavily in the back of my mind.

The search continues.


About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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