Kats going … pastoral


The end of 2012 in sight, it’s about time everyone reflected on the year gone by. For me, quite a dramatic year it has become, with many sour consultations and interviews regarding my resignation, dragsome moments of financial considerations, and after all these, I have finally reached the point of … unemployment. Well, that ‘s what I keep telling people about, but perhaps, I shouldn’t make it sound this bad.

The change of circumstances gave me more time to reflect on the extended horizon of possibilities in life. It also put me through moments of realisation about myself, some of which I had no idea of before. For instance, I can be bold and driven, but I am not when it comes to job interviews…

For a change of scenary, I drove 1,000 km down to south to visit my dear parents a few weeks ago. And of course, my attention was devoted to the land where my future chateau would be erected! Now a lovingly-cultivated vegetable pads, the plot now looks more properly like a farmland.


I had drawn a plan for a 320-ft2 shed/work lodge before my arrival, so I measured the land to locate it on the land and began digging to, first of all, make a flat area for the building.

The land was once used as a dumping ground for a nearby development area, and the soil contains an astonishing amount of rubble and stones. I had an idea – let’s make a stone wall!

2012_1204_133221-IMG_20121204_133221 2012_1204_133128-IMG_20121204_133128





There were enough rocks and stones to work myself out by the end of the day. Digging, hauling rocks, stacking them up, pouring fixing soil between them, patting, and having a break, and again starting from digging. Lovely time, I must say, is spent by physically engaged for over 6 hours a day. Very heatlhy indeed. It was a cold winter day, with some snow taking us by surprise in the morning, and yet I got steams coming up from my arms and back and everywhere! The result – not-so-handsome but somehow very-fitting-to-the-rural surrounding stone wall.


The job of making a flat surface for the lodge must wait.

The vegetables are doing so well. Looking vibrant. I wonder if these may attract some people for purchasing them. They are organic, domestically produced, and what’s more, delicious.2012_1206_090728-IMG_20121206_090728


About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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