Time to halt…

Yesterday, bad news came in my inbox. My mortgage application with an internet-based bank had the result, and it wasn’t good. Second-time loser now I am, and it has been some time since I started thinking what if it was time for me to rethink all this about building a house for my parents.

I'm thinking...

Now that I know there is no other option in sight in order to move forward with the project, I have to stop spending much time thinking about it. This could just be the way Nature intends.

Having siad that, this doesn’t mean I have to stop it altogether. I’ve got an idea about building a garage-cum-studio, about 30 squaremeters with blocks and mortar. In the meantime, some ways to raise a fund must be explored. Only it is hard to do while I carry on with my current employment, so, all things including the possibility of changing jobs taken into consideration, I will have a big re-think about the course of my life.

Would anyone like to join in?


About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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