April in Atami

Wonder if there is anything special about April…
May has always been a special month to me, perhaps becaues it’s my birth month, and people say nice things about Gemini people, whose birthdays are in May by more or less 30% of chances.
Cherry trees are at their utmost beauty here. They are beautiful in the way there’s no other trees that can present themselves as this beautiful… this is not the best capitulation of their beauty, but there’s something in them that directly appeal to people’s mind. And also, cherry in this country is more dynamic and ordained in its full bloom than ones in other countries … well, than the UK, for I don’t really know how it is in the countries to which i’ve never been. Anyway, so the spring is finally here.
tell you what, though, the temperature is rather summer-like already. over 20*C.

About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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3 Responses to April in Atami

  1. Happy says:

    It is Spring like here. The cherry blossoms are out but one month late. The magnolia trees begin to bloom. There are so many flowers here it seems unreal in some ways. I hope you are well and hope my poor memory remembers your birthday. Sending Happy Thoughts for a Happy Planet

  2. Happy says:

    Happy Birth Month

  3. Happy says:

    June 15th? What is historic occasion? Koyah-san Mountain? Volcanoe? Please leave info at wordzoo comment area or are you preparing a post? Anyway, very good to hear from you and I hope that your birthday was a special time of joy and meditative jolliness. Big Smiles

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