Just purchased a new phone, and it’s kinda cool.
My old one did look cool and state-of-art-ly when I saw it in a shop, but soon turned out to be bulky and heavy. Not so good when most of the time you wear suits and not wanting to put anything heavier than a tisuue paper in the pockets so that one side of the jacket hangs lower than the other…
This time, my priority was that it’s light, slim, and has basic functions but nothing fancy. Alsothe slide-open style is my preference, so most of the phones available in the market is out of consideration – and i waited until good time, to have come across this one.
NEC’s 830N from SOFTBANK is just the one. it comes in 5 varieties of colors, 3 out of which are a bit… yucky, but white and black are safe bet. Apparently, shocking orange is the most popular – according to the shop assistant-trainee, who said ‘because it looks a bit like AU phones,’ which would translate in the UK market as ‘it looks a bit like vodafone’s range,’ pronounced by T-mobile employee.
Surprising is that nowadays, a book of instruction is not included in the purchase package – although it’s available from the manufacturer’s customer service at a price. How sensible.
Having been releaved from being troubled going through an inch-thick instruction booklet, now I have to find out what I want to do with it by a trial-and-error method. Never mind, it will keep me busy for a while.

About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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