beyond the border …

Keeping up with the latest news from friends is difficult enough, I just cannot believe that it’s already 2009 and I have neglected so many dear friends of mine who have no idea where I am and what I am doing and how I am managing myself – lately.
All the excuses for being lazy aside, I do hope things are upward and forward for everyone in their lives.
And so, here’s a quick recap:
I finished my study in the UK in December 2006, and returned to Japan in April 2007,
Started work with a charitable organisation in Atami, Japan immediately, and now live in the town.
I have a position in the office of general planning, but I am just like a trainee here, and have spent the last 18 monthes just like that.
Currently my main job involves schauffering and car wash, odd translations and transcription of meeting recordings, attending some ‘important’ meeting, but more like auditing than attending, and so on…
This year’s prospect – not clear…
I just hope some exciting events to take place and take me away from here – hopefully to somewhere I can relate better to the local culture…
I sent out a bulk e-mail to many of my friends wishing a happy new year, and many have replied – some of them after so many years since the last contact… THANK YOU!!
There are many things that I could bring up to date about my current situationS. But they will have to wait till next time… I’m looking up for my new mobile phone.
Got to go now.

About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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One Response to beyond the border …

  1. Happy says:

    Hello. Sounds like you have much story to narrate. Perhaps, what is local culture you observe. Use of ethnography skills? Be well. Smile often to exercise the face.

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