Masked Nation

I’ve long forgotten it, but April brings along lots of lovely floral senaries around, together with insurmountable wave of masked poeple flooding the streets.
Welcome to the nation of masked tribe, heyfeverers.
Once your in it for long enough, your eyes would adjust to this otherwise quite unusual view, perhaps you’d only see it in a film featuring wicked professor and his lab-ful of masked assistants helping him create some illicit mutant creature to master the universe… or something.
Funny thing is that, you never know where the opportunity to make handsome profit, and it may be unexpectedly close to you. I notice, newer mask design extremely resemble that of surgeons’ under the UCN operation lights. It covers from chin up to the top of the nose, from where the curvs wind downwards along the cheeks and flip upwards to reach the ears. Somewhat reminds one of beaks of hawks. Really weired. But I’m sure someone who invented this design is making a massive profit as long as the heyfever continues its triumph over pharmaceutical industry’s never-ending attempts of discovering a superdrug against it.
Can’t help thinking, 9 years in Britain left me in an impression that fashion takes a little more than a couple of years to travel from Japan to London, so it’s been a year since I left there, perhaps next year or the one after that it may become a non-alien scene in London, too…

About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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