It’s just one of those things that happen sporadically in life; the moments when you wonder what it is all about? What’s the purpose of my life? Where have I come from and where am I heading?
The last 10 months have been full of new things for me, and I’m still going through many new ‘gates’ of work-experience. Today it was my first-time attendance of the regular managers’ meeting. Nothing particular there for me to do, but just sit quietly and listen to the course of agendas discussed. The meeting lasted for an entire day, from 930 am till 7.30 pm.
In that meeting, to be honest, I had to struggle to understand the points of each person’s speech, as they just went on and on, lacking conciseness (and sometimes, lacking a point altogether). The people respond to different aspects or points in one speech, and I couldn’t really succeed to identify with them.
What the hell.
Still, the scary bit is, if I was told to make a minute from the meeting, I’d be done. I took memos and notes, but I can’t convince myself that htey are useful – in fact, they are just dribbles. I was screaming in my head – crying out for sanity. It’s insane, what (not-intelligent) people speak in a meeting. And this is the meeting out of which long- and short-term policies for regional operations are produced…
How the hell did I fall onto this? Will I be buried under the sea of agendas which I haven’t a clue about? Will I ever escape this place and fly high in this business somehow somewhere?
I just feel, literally speaking, God only knows…

About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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