Cold, Flu, or Birdflu?

First time in many years to spend a winter in Japan.
Usually it’s coldest in February and it’s a common knowledge.
But nowadays there are things that fall out of the commonness of the common knoweldge and becomes extra-common. Still, surely this week and the last have been the coldest so far. Definitely.
Had to spend a full day out in the snow high up in the Hakone volcanic mountains. I was fine until, the next day, I went out for a dinner with my colleagues and had a few glasses of wine. That night I had my stomach upset, and next day I stayed in bed under fever – damn if only I took my temperature. It must have been over 39 easy!
Anyway, this time of the cold took me 2 days to recover, and reinstated at work in full swing.
But it was really hard. I don’t even remember what went on during these two days. I only vaguely remember thinking how slowly the time was passing. It wasn’t definitely a normal cold that I used to have twice a year. Could it have been the Philipino-B type?

About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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