In the Tube

So, the public transport is a wonderful place to watch people at a closer proximity without worrying about appearing suspicious or imprudent. People stay there for a good while, too, exhibiting something of their private sides – thoughts, habits, or lack of them.
What would you do if you find someone displaying a (petty but potentially) embarrassing bits? Like a label of clothes sticking out behind the neck, or careless forgetfulness showing in the opening front of trousers. I do get the urge to tell them, quietly of course. Is that indiscreet? Oh well, I don’t normally do it actually, but I do get tempted.
A rather strange thing I found today in the London Underground. I was on the Northern Line, rather crowded. I got my seat and sank in it more or less comfortably. Then looked up, there was a man standing in front of me, just looking at the window in front of him without much attention paid to anything particular. Now I notice he’s got a tiny pimple on the tip of his nose. It looked a bit like a patch of light reflected on his nose. Or is it really a pimple?
It’s a grain of sesami!
Not the black one, but the ‘white sesami’ the colour of which just blended in with his skin perfectly. But still it’s a grain of sesami, with that teardrop shape aligned with his nostril.
Should I tell him? Should I not? Should I tell him? Should I not?
Now at Golders Green. I must get off. so, I’m not going to tell him.

About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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