2 Weeks before the D-Day

There is always a first time in anything. It’s exciting, disconcerting, troubling, and/or overwhelming…
Doing a PhD is a long process of the first-times. Reading for research, writing drafts, learning styles, taking notes, fieldwork, data analysis etc etc. And it’s been over five years since I started this process of first-times. Having come to the end of the course – yes I finished my draft at the end of September – surely there’s no more first-times… Yes, there is – the VIVA.
And today, I received a notification to confirm the date. It’s 1st December.
Now, since the beginning of this month I’ve been reading a book written by one of the examiners. I must seriously finish reading this one asap. Then what shall I do for the preparation? The notice come in as a kind of shock, though I knew this day was certianly to come, my brain has blanked out. I’ve no idea what should be done by the exam date.
Anyhow, now the date has been set, there’s a prospect of my returning to Japan by the end of this year.
That’s a welcome prospect.

About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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