ESCA in Clapham

Walking towards Clapham Common tube station, a shop window displaying mouthwatering cakes just cannot be passed unnoticed.
Esca – now-a-mainstream cafe/cake shop with some seatings at the back of the shop and counter glass fridge-case displaying fresh ingredients of sandwiches in the front. Basically in brown and beige the interior looks undertoned, but quite stylish. The best of all, their cakes alluring the passers-by sit in the front window are irresistibly fresh and tasty. *TimeOut review*
There seems more cake shops nowadays than before in London (well, I may be wrong, but I have a keen eye on cakes, so I would have noticed), not those traditional bakeries with cinnamon swirls and bakewell tarts in baskets, but lovely sponge-based round tarts and cakes garnished and decorated with fresh (and sometimes exotic) fruits. Various berries are eye-catching, and now they’re in season as well – raspberries and blueberries, black current, red current, gooseburry, red cherries and strawberries… Paul, with their many shops throughout London, does the best blueberry tart, Gail’s in Hampstead does chiffon cakes, which seems to be rare in Btritain. Esca’s cakes may be in the same trend, but certainly up for a healthy competition. A range of fruit-and-cream based cakes are very tempting, and so are pies and tiramisu. Even their victorian sponge looked dressed-up for an international banquet with whipped cream crowning on top. No chance for custard, I guess. For those with a taste for continental flavour, this is a welcome phenomenon.
Photos: Mango Cheese cake; shop window at Esca, Clapham High Street, London

About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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