The last supervision took place in Barbican, as my supervisor was to come to London for his other engagements. Nice for a change. And the change being more than being in a different town: we sat in a pub and discussed a few thing over pints of shandy – well, coke for me.
Barbican has a different charm than central London, West End, or the City. Very concrete-block-esque skyline, but many high-rises are in the 70s, amongst them are small shops and offices. It’s lively, but not dry as in the City. There’s an old market place, maintaining its Victorian facade. Some estates are well kept, concerving quiet quarters and squares a few yards away from the main Aldgate street. Barbican hall is proudly a cultural complex, where good quality concerts and theatres are enjoyed on a regular basis. Funny it doesn’t sound too exciting, but one of the places need checking out to enjoy London to a fuller extent.

About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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