Spiritual Healing?

In relation to my thesis, I sometimes wonder how widespread spiritual healing is in various settings and countries. Quite irrespective of the much controversial debate about the efficacy of spiritual healing, there is evidence that more and more people are willing to give it a go. In fact, there was a TV programme on BBC2, a series on Alternative Medicine, and one of the programmes featured spiritual healing exclusively. Unfortunately, it was presented by a MD whose perspective was rigidly set in biomedical science, and she failed to address so many issues that would have thrown a light on interesting and inspiring aspects of the phenomenon, i.e. using spiritual healing. (Towards the end of the programme, I was almost shouting at the TV screen in indignation. I mean, how can a programme about spiritual healing devote a half of it to a discussion about the ‘placebo effect’ and cover everything else in the remaining 30 minutes???) I had so many criticisms about this programme that I nearly filed a formal complaint to BBC…
Anyway, are there people who stumble on my blog here who have used spiritual healing before, or using it now, or may consider in future? I’m very very much interested to know how it happened, what was your expectation, or why you might consider. I know the explanations can encompass a wide area of life, social, economical, ideological, or sometimes spiritual… as well as in relation to the situation of illness. I’d love you to leave comments and share your experiences. It’s not meant to convince or convert other people. My interests lie in expanding understanding of what’s happening in the real world…
So, any comments welcome!

About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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