I love ice cream. I almost love it too much. I have had this idea – to have my freezer filled with tubs and tubs of ice cream, preferably Haagendazs. Now that I live in a house to have an entire fridge-freezer all to myself, all I need is the ice cream to fill it up.
At Sainsbury’s, they sometimes do the offer of ‘buy two for £5. Yesterday, I discovered that Waitrose does it for a pound less! What a bargain.
Still, I have recognised it for a while now that Haagendazs no longer seems to produce a wide variety of flavours as they used to. I haven’t seen any sorbet range for donkys of years, and all I see nowadays are;
good old vanilla
Belgian chocolate (yummy…)
Cookie and cream (mmmm, my favorite)
Strawberry cheesecake (this one’s ok)
and Cherry chocolate browny (this is relatively new, and DELICIOUS!)
apart from a few odd preline and caramel flaver (obviously, I’m not so keen on these…)
Ok, they have 7 or so different flavours for all the ice-cream lovers in the world. But how come they don’t seem to pull themselves together and be a bit more inventive?
Last time, I was writing about me being creative and making blueberry compote (see the photo). The draft misteriously vanished before I saved it. So the next theme will be about making ice cream more adventurous – with your hand made fruts sauces. Apparently, you could make your own fruit yorgurt with that as well, easily! I’m going to try that tomorrow afternoon.

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a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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One Response to Haagendazs

  1. Ian says:

    I like ice cream also. I prefer warm food, though.

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