Kitchen Garden

I created a small ‘kitchen garden’ on the roof. It started in April, sowed 7 veges and herbs: parsley, dill, tomato, chive, rocket, lollo rosso, and what is lavelled ‘mixed salads’. It took only a week for rockets to germinate while dills, chives and parsleys came out after two weeks. I nearly gave up on the tomatos, but they shot out after three and a half weeks. Unfortunately, the mixed salads may not germinate at all, after a month now since I sowed them, there’s no sign of germination at all.

The idea of the kitchen garden originated in France (according to my flatmate), but for me the image is of English kitchen gardens that I saw in various stately houses (pictures2-4: kitchen garden at Rousham house in Lower Heyford, Oxfordshire). The houses have landscaped gardens, walled gardens, and themed gardens. Many of them have a ‘kitchen garden’ in a small corner of their land, usually growing herbs and basic vegetables to use domestically. It’s a wonderful idea to grow your own because some vegetables (particularly herbs) are so overpriced and, when you buy one from supermarkets, often they are wasted partially as I don’t use them in a massive quantity at a time. Plus, it’s supposed to have some ‘therapeutic’ effect in engaging with the soil in cultivation. Think I’m already getting this effect – I’m excited! Recommendable for those who easily get ‘dipressed.’


About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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