Brilliant Birthday

This is purely my personal diary, but I had a brilliand day today. The weather has been more than kind to start with, and I got some work done in the morning. Received a text message from my sweet one first thing in the morning. Then checked e-mails, reading several birthday messages coming in amongst millions of junk and spam mails. My flatmates, lovely C, Y and D came in my room and sang the song for me.

In the afternoon a few drinks with Mr. J, followed by a lovely dinner in an Italian restaurant, joined by Mr. M and a young hairdresser T. Actually the restaurant was more than entertaining. When the orders were delivered, J asked for a mountain of parmesan cheese on top of his whatever-it-was, of which a floor-manager-like waitress made a big display of her amazement, then J obliged the poor waiter to strain his arms labouring on a pepper mill. Soon it turned out that they got the dishes mixed up, and J and M had one another’s orders. Poor M being a vegitarian, it must have been a bit of a shock to suddenly taste something meety in his plate. The waitress took the plates away to replace them with new ones in right places – then again the whole sequence of parmesan and pepper entertainment. She just couldn’t have enough of it – "a mountain of cheese" announcing loudly for all the restaurant to hear. Somehow I found it pretty amusing and entertaining, whilst, I’m sure, M and possibly J found it a bit embarrassing.

We were going to see the musical Chicago after the dinner, and just found that we were being late – 5 minutes before the show started, and we hand’t paid yet. What’s more, I just forgot to check the address of the theatre, and we were in trouble. We left M in the restaurant to settle the bill, and rushed out – three of us – anxious to find the theatre (with luc). And luckily, we found it, ran into it, and took our seats just in time. Oh by the way, the show was good, but if I’m honest, Rebecca Dent and Caroline Graham must have been better (if you watched the Channel4 programme "MUSICALITY", you’d know who I’m talking about). Oh by the way (again), one of the winners, Rebecca Dent, is palying a leading role Anette in The Saturday Night Fever now. I should like to go to see this next.

After the theatre, spent a good hour in a nearby pub, sipping coke enjoyed some more moment just chilling out after the excitement of London Westend. But I must say, it wasn’t what I did or where I went, but the company that made my brilliant birthday. So I thank M, J, T and my beloved flatmates, darling A and all other people who dropped me a line to remind me of my birthday and their well wishes. I told my friends, this was the best birthday I’d ever had, and that certainly is true.


About Dr Kats

a working sociologist/linguist/translator based in Kobe, Japan
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1 Response to Brilliant Birthday

  1. Pawel says:

    gotta love first letter initials :Pnot really intruding here, just found your blog by random, everyone seems to know japanese and chinese except me.*looks up some language courses*

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